All marriages involve some form ornament that symbolizes marriage. This ornament can be a wedding ring, chain, nose piece, bangles or even a toe ring. Mangalsutra is an ornament that symbolizes marriage and is an Indian wedding chain.

Ideally, a mangalsutra is made of an auspicious number fine cotton threads twisted together and dyed yellow in saffron or turmeric. On the thread, a gold thali is strung in the center.

This act of tying a mangalsutra signifies the groom and the bride are united and have a responsibility of taking care of each other. The mangalsutra is regarded as an auspicious amulet and the bride herself is said to be auspicious sumangala. By wearing the mangalsutra, the bride is said to become immune to the evil eye. By extension, anyone who sees her is automatically granted good luck. Mangala is also the name of the planet Mars, whose color is red, same as the auspicious garment color worn by Hindu brides.

Mangalsutra chain is made of black glass beads kala pota. There are four primary reasons for wearing a mangalsutra.

thali mangalsutra

This means ideal chain length should be at least inches long. Anahat Chakra also means infinite sound and is associated balance, calmness, and serenity.

Sometimes you may see small gold cup-like pendants. These are known as vatis.

10 Latest Mangalsutra Designs in Gold

Many cultures tend to choose this as a universal mangalsutra pendant. Your mangalsutra can either have one single vati or two vatis. Maharashtrians and Tamilians prefer two vatis. The dome-shaped spherical vati is used because of its ability to emit maximum waves in comparison with other shapes.

The vatis face the Anahata-Chakra. The vati typically does not design on its surface because it is believed that the positive vibrations will be obstructed due to any additional design. For the even higher level of positive vibrations, two spherical gold beads are placed between the vatis.

A flower pattern at the top of each vati is for attracting positivity in term of material possessions. In a typical mangalsutra there are two strings of black beaded chain and according to Hindu dharma, they represent a union of Shiva and Shakti. Although mangalsutra is a prominent wedding ornament, there are other types of wedding jewels. A wedding ornament symbolizes that a woman is married and comes from a certain cultural background. Wedding jewelry in many ways is an entry into the dynamics of Indian society.Mangala sutra's origin dates back to the 6th Century AD as a single yellow thread was tied around the bride for protection from other men and evil spirits.

This practice is also an integral part of a marriage ceremony as prescribed by Manusmriti [ citation needed ]. Mangala sutram literally means "an auspicious thread" which is knotted around the bride's neck. It is usually a necklace with black beads strung from a black or yellow thread prepared with turmeric. Sometimes gold, white or red beads are also added to the mangala sutram, depending on regional variation. It is a symbol of marriage worn by women. The significance of the mangala sutra was re-iterated by Adi Shankara in his famous book Soundarya Lahari.

According to Hindu tradition, the mangala sutra is worn for the long life of the husband. As told by religious customs and social expectations, married women should wear mangala sutra throughout their life as it is believed that the practice enhances the well-being of her husband. In Kerala, a Christian version of the mangalsutra is called a "minnu". In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions, the two coin-sized gold discs are separated by beads of different kinds.

By tradition, one disc comes from the bride's family and another from the groom's side. Mangala sutras are made in a variety of designs. The common ones are the Lakshmi thaalipustelu worn by the Telugus, ela thaali or minnu worn by the Malayalees and the kumbha thaali worn by the tamilians of the Kshatriya caste. The design is chosen by the groom's family according to prevalent customs. Gujaratis and Marwaris often use a diamond pendant in a gold chain which is merely ornamental in nature and is not a substitute to the mangala sutra in the traditional sense.

Maharashtrians wear a pendant of two vati ornaments. The mangalya, thaali or mangala sutra of Kannidagas is similar to that of the Maharashtrians, except that it usually has two vatis. Nowadays many fashion conscious families opt for lighter versions, with a single vati or more contemporary style. Thaali with cross of 21 beads used by Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Archived from the original on 13 May Retrieved 8 May Retrieved 28 March Arranged marriage in India Inter caste marriage Love marriage.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Gold mangalsutra is not merely a piece of jewellery for any Indian woman.

It carries more value than just being an ornament to adorn her. A mangalsutra is a symbol of her marriage, love, and commitment. It carried humongous significance for her as a mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers. It is believed that the black beads of mangalsutra have the power to protect the couple.

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thali mangalsutra

Gold Jewellery for Men. Gold Jewellery for Kids. Please wait Loading, wait Diamond Education. Why Purchase from Us. Men Ring Pendant. Men Ring Chain Bracelet Kada. Gold Coins. Gift Card.In Hinduismwhen a girl gets married she adorns herself with certain pieces of jewelry and observes special customs to make her marital status obvious. Just as a many western women wear the wedding ring after marriage, the married Hindu girl, according to the tradition, wears the mangalsutrabangles, nose and toe rings and a red bindi —a spot kumkum powder or vermilion on her forehead symbolizing not only her rite of passage from a girl to a married woman, but also her heightened position in society as an adult who is respected and is capable of running a household.

With the household regarded as a microcosm of the society at large, this is indeed a significant responsibility. The word mangalsutra is derived from the two words, Mangal, meaning "holy or auspicious," and sutra meaning "thread. Thereafter, the wife wears the mangalsutra all her life or until the husband passes, as a sign of their marriage, mutual love and goodwill, understanding and faithful commitment.

In some customs, the groom ties the first knot and his sisters tie the other two knots. Later, the mangalsutra may be restrung on some auspicious day in the form of a necklace made of gold and black beads strung together on one or two yellow threads or gold chains with an elaborate pendant of gold or diamond.

The mangalsutra, worn by most married Hindu women across India, is known differently in different parts of the country: thaali, thaaly, pustelu, maangalyam or mangalsutram in the southern states of India and mangalsutra in the northern states. Each black bead in the mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers that protect the married couple from the evil eye and is believed to safeguard the life of the husband. Hindu women are extremely superstitious about the mangalsutra.

If it breaks or is lost, it is considered ominous. Therefore, the mangalsutra is much more than a piece of fancy jewelry, but a sacred necklace of love, trust and marital happiness of a Hindu couple —a vital symbol of wedlock almost as important as the Hindu marriage law.

With changing times and varying needs of women, especially those in the cities who are no longer stay-home wives, the practice of wearing a mangalsutra has changed visibly. Now, it is more of a fashion statement than a symbol of marriage.

Rarely does a working woman don a mangalsutra over her trendy business suits. Also, there is a dramatic change in the style and make of the mangalsutra these days. Previously, women wore heavy and elaborate gold mangalsutras, but now, the trend is to wear short, sleek and single string mangalsutras with small designer diamond pendants. However, the black beads remain to ward off the evil and uphold the sanctity of the institution of marriage.

Share Flipboard Email. Subhamoy Das. Updated February 24, India is a land of diversity. Different states of India have different cultures and wedding styles. While the concept is similar across the state, the designs of these Mangalsutras keep changing, as per their belief system.

In a land where Muslims, Hindus and Christians, co-live in harmony, it is an amazing experience to learn about the various styles of Thaali Bottus of the state.

The plain leaf design is the traditional Thirumangalyam design followed by Kerala Hindu families. The concept behind this era is that as the banyan trees support and nurture the tree, the same ideology is bought behind the banyan leaf-shaped Thirumangalyam. Kerala mangalsutra designs are simple, yet convey their belief aptly through their designs.

Hindu Kerala calls it as Ela, the Kerala Christian call their thirumangalyam as minnu which is also in the form of a leaf with their religious symbol between the minnu.

Gold Thali Kodi (Mangalsutra) Design

This is attached as the pendant to a thick gold chain. This is the best Malayalam mangalsutra designs for Kerala bride, in that they are latest and simple. See More: Maharashtrian Jewellery Mangalsutra. This type of Mangalsutra is a traditional Hindu design which resembles a narrow leaf with a narrow edge.

This is a pendant attached to the hook of the chain and falls at the centre. This is a plain Gold pendant.

Gold Mangalsutra

The pendant hangs in style while the chain adds charm to the entire jewel. In this type of Kerala mangalsutra thirumangalyam, the typical cross symbol is engraved onto the solid gold piece called the minnu by the Malayalis. This weighs more than another type of Mangalsutra due to its outstanding inbuilt design. It has a hook attached on the top which goes easily inside a thick chain.

This is another type of thali used by Kerala Christians. The shape of the Thirumangalyam is different from Minnu. In this design, the gold is formed into a Square shape with cross symbol embalmed onto the centre of the Thirumangalyam which is wider in size than Minnu.

The jewel is designed to perfection. See More: Nepali Mangalsutra Designs. This type of Kerala mangalsutra design is worn by Syrian Christians ladies in Kerala. The design is peculiar and artistic. The leaf-shaped minnu has golden beads designed into a cross which is attached to a golden chain. The pendant is attached to the strands of thread taken from the saree given by the bridegroom to the bride which is called as the Mantra Kodi.

The 7 thread depicts the Bride, Bridegroom, their Parents and the Church. This is a simple yet famous and mostly used design by any all religion, where only the pendant is changed.

This shiny finish leaves a slightly rough finish which gives a different outlook from glossy hand carved design. This is the best Kerala mangalsutra design that you can try.

thali mangalsutra

This particular one is opted by the Hindus and looks rich.South India is deeply rooted in cultural beliefs and tradition. One of the important element in the life of the ladies is here is their mangalsutra. Nowadays due the culture of wearing thick Gold Chain has been changed into a thin and simple designed chain with the simple Gold pendant. Mangalsutra for the women is not merely a fashion statement, but a sacred thread that is a symbol of love, unison and respect for each other.

It is an inevitable part of the South Indian culture and is an indication of the wedlock. While the mangalsutra is common to all the religion Hindu, Christian and Muslimtheir name differs, keeping the significance of the thread intact.

The South Indian mangalsutra designs are designed differently depending on the faith of the people. The mangalsutra is tied by the groom to the bride amidst a crowd of relatives and deity images, in the backdrop of hymns and poojas. Each bead in this South Indian mangalsutra gold chain designs is considered auspicious and said to have divine powers. These beads signify protection from evil and to protect the unison in terms of adversity.

The idea of mangalsutra is deeply rooted in beliefs and is never compromised at any cost. With times, the design of this South mangalsutra designs has undergone rapid changes to suit daily wear and is also influenced by the latest fashion in town.

Take a look. To know more about the various design of Chain made from Gold and the black bead is discussed here in this Top 15 South Indian Mangalsutra designs. A brief knowledge about the various Mangalsutra design in South Indian states is pointed out which will help for ladies to decide which type of design and style will fit in.

Gold Coins is famous as a pendant which is joined into the Gold chain along with Gold kulaai cylindrical design or Lakshmi coin can be attached to the simple thin gold chain. One of the famous design is the Thick Kulaai design with Lakshmi coin attached to it. This type of design is worn by Karnataka and Andhra part of south Indian ladies. The coral loop with a single circular hollow gold piece is attached to the centre of the black bead long gold chain.

South Indian mangalsutra designs are heavily inspired to be lightweight to promote wearing daily. It consists of a single strand that is thin. It also has an infuse of gold and black beads, that make it look attractive. This design has gained popularity in all states of south India due to its excellent design and modest outlook. The black bead chain is designed into two strands with Strip of gold attached to the side of chain giving the chain good stability and prevents against breakage due to daily usage.

It is slightly heavy and is inspired to look simple. Vaalaipoo is a traditional South Indian design seen followed in Tamil Nadu.Mangalsutraliterally meaning the sacred-thread, is an important part of the Hindu culture.

Not because of what is mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures about them, but plainly because of the importance laid on it by people who believe in it. They are not just worn by Hindus in North India, but by brides of many other states. In fact, the tradition associated with Mangalsutra is believed to have travelled from South India to North India. For the majority of us Indians who have grown old on a heavy dose of Bollywood or regional films, we already know a bit about the mangalsutra.

Most of what we know about it has come from the popular TV soaps and movies. The makers tried to portray a role reversal through the poster that showed Kareena putting a Mangalsutra. Though the poster lacked sound logic, it did convey the message. After all, movies are for entertainment and need not be taken seriously. Ah, sorry, we deviated even before we began. Getting back to the job at hand, through this post, KuberBox will try and break down the Mangalsutra for you. Most importantly, we will also cover the changing pattern and designs of the mangalsutra and its place in the modern society.

The Mangalsutra: timeless and elegant. It dates back to colonial India and is now worn by Indians all over the world as one of the many marks of a married woman. This along with a nose ring, some choodis banglestoe rings, vermillion sindoor and a red bindi makes the Indian bride whole.

These beads have been said to absorb the negative energies focussed toward the couple and radiate only happiness for their life together. The beads are also believed to safeguard and protect the life of her husband. It is originally a yellow thread on which black beads are strung adorning the neck of the lady from the moment she gets married. This yellow thread is prepared using a yellow turmeric paste and is tied to the Tanmaniya Mangalsutra pendant can sometimes be called Tanmaniyas.

The Tanmaniya can have diamonds and gold as part of its design. Known for its vast and diverse culture, India has traditions intrinsically intertwined into each state within the country. Weddings are one such tradition that has the mangalsutras set at the centre of the ceremony.