Designed and assembled in-house, the system utilizes only premium materials and world-class manufacturing techniques to deliver unmatched quality and reliability. The factory DP system consists of smaller, 60mm piping with varying bends and multiple restrictive high-cell-count catalysts, all of which contribute to a less than ideal flow path and hindered performance.

Each component was designed and developed with the absolute best in performance, strength, reliability and quality in mind.

How to install downpipe for Audi rs3 8v

Select the images below to view detailed photos and information related to each component. The exhaust system features a strong, investment cast, T inlet and outlet designed to maximize flow and minimize turbulence. The mounting flange and bracket are integrated into the casting, and TIG welding at the flex section ensures a clean inner surface eliminating turbulence, vortices and eddies to the highest degree. With a nominal wall thickness of 2. The cast sections undergo a tumbling process to smooth and de-burr any imperfections inside the pipe, while simultaneously enhancing the exterior finish.

Lastly, all necessary surfaces are CNC machined for an accurate fit. The low profile design and minimal use of bradding material eliminates clearance issues common with other designs that can billow, rub, rattle and fray over time.

Designed to stand the test of time, the bracket is CNC machined from 8mm-thick billet T stainless steel and the hanger feet are threaded into place, eliminating the need for welds. Weight is removed from the bracket, wherever possible, while not hindering its structural integrity.

rs3 downpipe install

The pipe is rolled to the 76mm European standard diameter with a 1. Each pipe is de-burred, and the exterior finish is brushed to give the exhaust piping a clean and attractive appearance worthy of the APR name.

Our system uses OEM-style low-profile slip clamps designed to eliminate the need for flanges, swedging, or slip fittings. By using this low profile design, the exhaust system can be positioned higher in the exhaust tunnel and away from the ground with better clearances compared to flanged setups. Each clamp allows for less turbulence and greater accuracy at the connection points as the pipes simply butt up to one another rather than the ambiguity and voids associated with swedged slip fittings.

The bungs are TIG welded to the piping and back-purging is used to ensure the interior surface is smooth and clean.

Internally the catalytic converter features a proprietary blend of precious metals and loading technology that helps to reduce emissions and smell common on cat-less setups. With performance in mind, the catalyst is placed far away from the turbo outlet to reduce turbulence in the Race DP and to help reduce under-hood temperature.

The low-profile catalyst features a fully captured substrate brick, which is furnace brazed to the outer mantle and physically captured by the diffuser cones preventing rattling, rotation, and damage to the substrate. Subsequently, a byproduct of running the catalyst is a reduction in noise, making the system as a whole more pleasing to the ear.

A high quality oxygen sensor extension harness is included as the catalyst and sensor bung is relocated further away from the turbocharger. Crank figures estimated based on the measured wheel figures. Results will vary depending upon environmental conditions, vehicle, transmission, vehicle health, operating conditions, temperatures, fuel grade, dyno type, dyno setup, and other modifications. Select the tab below to view detailed photos, videos and information related to each process.

With the release of this exhaust system and the others like it, APR is pleased to present our first systems fully designed and engineered in-house from the ground up!

The engineers scan the vehicles and create detailed 3D maps of their design environment while designing each system in PTC Creo 3. The design is easily and quickly verified, and if necessary, changes can be made. Once adequate clearances and fitment is confirmed, especially in areas that move under load, physical quick-cast prototypes are created and fitted for final verification through real-world use. Manufacturing takes place both internally and externally to APR while finishing and assembly is completed in-house.

Then each cast component is sent through the ceramic vibrating tumblers to smooth and de-burr surface imperfections.

Each component is then cleaned by hand and prepared for assembly. Each component is back-purged with argon during the process ensuring the weld is strong and consistent, as well as clean throughout. APR has placed a large emphasis on improving quality control across various product lines, and the exhaust program is not excluded. This information is then cross-referenced against randomly selected and independently tested samples before the components are released for assembly.


Great designs only matter if the manufacturer delivers the components as expected. Tolerances are digitally checked against the original specifications and passed or failed based on the results.To breathe freely and meet its true potential, an engine also needs to freely expel exhaust gases coming from the combustion chambers. USP Motorsports makes available high-flow downpipes and other exhaust components from top manufacturers to improve exhaust flow.

To remain street legal, you need a catalytic converter, of course, but models with free-flow cats also give noticeable power increases. Software upgrades ensure that a high-flow exhaust can unleash the most untapped power. Installing exhaust downpipes takes no special tools. You can bolt them on yourself, sometimes with help from a bud or two, or hire a mechanic.

Pipes ship with proper connectors, including gaskets where needed, nuts and bolts. All are made to match up to stock pipes and connection points. The pipes we sell are less restrictive than stock pipes.

High Flow Downpipe, 8J Audi TTRS & 8P RS3 2.5 TFSI

Some feature full TIG welding for strength and stainless steel for durability. Choose from downpipe-catless, downpipe-catted, free-flow catalytic converters, complete downpipe, high-flow cat, testpipes, cat eliminator test pipe, 2-into-1 pipe with high-flow catalytic converters, downpipe with testpipe, valueline pipe, heat wraps, gaskets for pipes and manifolds, exhaust studs, nuts, bolts, hangers and clamps.

Displaying 1 to 24 of 34 products. Free shipping. APR On Sale. Copper Lock Nut For M8x1. MFG M8x1. Lock Nut- M10x1. MFG M10x1. Exhaust Stud- 10x1. MFG N 3.To be installed as a kit with or To be installed as a kit with Alternative to To be installed as a kit with Alternative to To be installed as a kit with or Supersprint systems include a straight-through, smooth-bend oversized Turbo Downpipe, which eliminates the restriction of the stock catalytic, guaranteeing a massive drop in exhaust gas backpressure, and a substantial gain in torque and max Hp.

rs3 downpipe install

We then designed a twin pipe exhaust, equipped with a set of HJS Motorsport, high flowing twin, parallel metallic cats Y-pipe also available in a cat-deleting version. The rear muffler uses Supersprint's own, precision-built exhaust flaps, for dual-sound mode. Furthermore, we have also developed a single pipe, lightweight race exhaust, built with 80mm piping, FIA compliant, for trackdays. Installation and fitment are spot-on, as usual. Select brand, series, model code and model and choose the Supersprint Exhaust Systems.

Promotional components only printable version. Cod: To be installed as a kit with or Exhaust system Correct reading of symbols Supersprint systems include a straight-through, smooth-bend oversized Turbo Downpipe, which eliminates the restriction of the stock catalytic, guaranteeing a massive drop in exhaust gas backpressure, and a substantial gain in torque and max Hp.

With E. Available while stock lasts Threaded bung for oxygen sensor provided Oval endpipe Twin oval endpipe Flat oval endpipe With certificate of authenticity - Compliance to sound regulations With certificate of conformity for classic exhaust design.

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rs3 downpipe install

Find out more about how this website uses cookies at this link. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies. Component E.WalterRS83 Jan 13, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Hi guys, can anyone explain to me how to remove the stock downpipe from the car? Do I need to remove the front axle and driveshaft in order to install aftermarket downpipe?

Because one of the mechanic told me he need to remove my front axle and also the driveshaft only can remove my stock downpipe. Please need advice!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. WalterRS83Jan 13, Aoon had done his I believe you have to loosen the front subframe bolts without actually removing them to allow enough room to get downpipe out poss have to remove prop shaft too but best to message him. I'll text him send him this way. WalterRS83Jan 14, WalterRS83Jan 15, I'm all for a DP, but what's the point when there are next to no Stage 2 tunes available?

You're really not getting any advantage or gain from a larger DP unless you reflash. Stage 1 tunes will not incorporate the added gains from a DP.

In fact, I fear the car may run worse with a DP and no corresponding flash to leverage it. ConS3Feb 1, RocketerFeb 1, Log in or Sign up.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. DIY downpipe install? Is it possible for me to install a downpipe myself? I have all the necessary tools but I don't have a lift or the instructions to do so.

I'm a long time DIY guy but maybe this is taking it too far? I've been quoted hours labour by a VAG specialist.

AUDI S3 Stage 2+ HOW TO INSTALL and DYNO Pulls!!!! [4K]

They tell me that all of the work is done from underneath so unless you have a 4 poster then for safety's sake I don't think I'd go there. As the drive shaft comes out there maybe some sort of geometry alignment needed afterwards?????

Rob2k68Nov 17, Rob2k68 likes this. Wondering SoulNov 17, Wondering Soul likes this. The first thing I noticed is the sound.

It sounds a little louder with a metallic rustle and the turbo spools much quicker especially below rpm which is great for stop start traffic in everyday driving. Rob2k68Nov 18, Is a stage 2 map definitely needed when you change the down pipe? Thinking about getting one but wondering will I need the remap.

Woody86Apr 5, Been running a turbo back with sports cat for a while now with no remap. Remap would take advantage of the increase air flow and other benefits, allowing tweaks to various ECU parameters.Your Audi RS3 or TTRS is a sporty fun drive straight from the factory, however, there is a lot of power hiding just inches from your right foot.

You may already have a Stage 1 Tune, but you're ready to feel the complete performance potential from your powerful 2. Offering an aggressive and unique motorsport sound from your 5 cylinder turbo engine with complete unrestricted air flow for unmatched maximum power. Enjoy proven performance gains and leading features such as bolt-on direct fit install, long-life construction, cast sections, and amazing sound. Your new downpipe is at home both on a daily commute or blasting down the track!

Your 2. However, the factory installed downpipe is designed for maximum emissions and economy, not for power. This design is riddled with small piping, harsh bends, and power sucking restrictions that limit your power gains to only Stage 1 Tune levels. In order to correct that, a true performance downpipe is required to open up the exhaust flow and allow the turbo to spin freely!

IE engineers set out to design the ultimate downpipe option for the 8V RS3 and 8S TTRS chassis by employing leading-edge development technology along with highly specialized cast manufacturing. By using cast sections this allowed our engineers to design specialized shapes into the downpipe itself that lets it conform and fit into very tight spaces while retaining it's large size and maximized flow rates. The design is so specialized that 3D scanning was used to build a digital model of the chassis to design in allowing us to build shapes down to the millimeter.

This design is just not possible using traditional stainless steel pipes and bends found in most exhaust manufacturing. Bolting this downpipe onto your Audi along with other matching bolt-ons and an IE STage 2 Tune results in up to horsepower!

Downpipe requires Stage 2 Tune for a complete installation. Your RS 2. Unfortunately, much of that sound is muffled by the factory downpipe system. The cast design of your IE downpipe creates an aggressive and deep tuned sound that showcases the unique rumble from the 5 cylinder turbo engine. It remains perfectly daily drivable and modest on your daily commute, but when you put the pedal down it transforms into an all-out howling beast! By employing a high flow metal matrix catalytic converter, horsepower loss is almost non-existent while keeping unpleasant smells and increased emissions to a minimum.

However, the CAT section can be completely removed and replaced with a straight exhaust pipe for track days or drag events if you wish. This downpipe holds the seal of IE quality and has been manufactured to last as long as you own the vehicle and beyond.The upgrades dramatically increase horsepower and torque, making for an exceptionally quicker and more exciting vehicle.

This simple upgrade requires no engine hardware modifications, and produces HP with FT-LBS of torque depending on fuel grade. Gains as high as HP and FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band, making the vehicle exceptionally quicker in all scenarios. Gains as high as 82 HP and 95 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band, making the vehicle exceptionally quicker in all scenarios.

The 2. Unlike ECUs found in many other makes and models, when properly tuned, the ECU eliminates the need for custom tuning to maximize output, even when weather conditions change dramatically.

The ECU is powerful, but extremely difficult to master. Without mastery, the ECU must be simplified, removing what makes it so desirable. The result is an incomplete product that often requires end user adjustment to maximize output in limited scenarios.

Power is maximized in nearly all scenarios, eliminating the need for end user adjustments. High performance operational modes are enabled and calibrated to deliver smooth daily driving, with a snappy and responsive throttle during moments of spirited driving. Mastery of the boost control system makes for an impressively predictable driving experience as the turbo spools quickly, delivering instant power. Lastly advanced high-output protection routines are enabled, allowing the ECU to make constant adjustments to airflow and fuel to cool and protect the engine, all without the driver knowing otherwise.

Ignition delay is reduced resulting in a more responsive pedal without altering overall throttle sensitivity. Furthermore, throttle lag commonly noticed at slow speeds and while reapplying throttle has been reduced. The factory equipped vehicle's throttle input is disabled while pressing the accelerator and brake at the same time.

Depending on driving style and fuel quality, better miles per gallon may be achieved. Typical commercially available data logging tools, used by most tuners, only allow logging up to 12 engine-operating variables at extremely low data rates. These tools are also limited to a small, specific list of variables. Other changes allow higher torque limits than those achievable through only modifying calibration data or using piggyback devices as is the case for many tuners. On the highly modified end, this often allows APR to make turbo upgrades operate without the need for external manual controllers.

Please note vehicle manufacturers issue many ECU part numbers and revisions throughout their vehicle lineup. If for any reason the owners is dissatisfied with the APR ECU Upgrade, they may return to the place of purchase for a full refund, provided they are within the 30 day period from the time of the initial purchase.

Labor or shipping charges are not included in the guarantee and are at the discretion of the place of install. All APR ECU Upgrades include a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the software, and to provide free updates and reflashes as they become available. Labor or shipping charges are not included in the warranty and are at the discretion of the place of install.

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