Ace stared down into his coffee, the steam rising into his face as he inhaled the scent. It was currently eight in the damn morning, and he had not slept a bit last night. Now he had to be on watch for any narcolepsy episodes throughout his day.

He counted himself lucky that it was Saturday, the weekend being his days away from college. Of course, he didn't live in a college dorm, no way would he leave his little brother all alone in an apartment, without a stable job.

Instead, Ace lived in an apartment with Luffy, while Ace worked three jobs to unfollow by zlatan up with payment and other costly items. Besides, Luffy was still a highschool student with no other family to stay with, and if that wasn't reason enough, his little brother had Ace could remember the doctors giving Garp and his ten-year old past self the news of his little brothers condition.

It was heart-breaking to see the devastation on Luffy's face at the news that he would never be able to see again. Of course Ace had helped Luffy adjust, and was there for his little brother whenever he needed him.

Though even today, Luffy has his moments where he would just break down.

one piece fanfiction luffy blind

Though it was very rare now, and Ace was grateful for that. Ace came out of his musings and glanced at the clock on the kitchen stove, it read am.

Ace blinked in shock, had he really been thinking aimlessly for over an hour? Ace glanced down into his coffee and realized that the steam had stopped and the cup was cold now. He grunted and stood up from his seat, sighing as he dumped out his cup of coffee, not in the mood for anything to drink anymore.

He washed the cup and put it into a cup-board before exiting the kitchen to stand at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the bedrooms. Luffy, wake up already! I thought we had plans today! Ace waited a few more moments before he heard the shower turn on. Ace sighed and ran a hand through his hair, might as well check for any messages on his phone while he waited. As Ace flopped down on the long couch in his living room, he pulled out his cell phone and wasn't so surprised to see a text from Thatch.The Marine's white coat of Justice was wadded up in a ball in the corner, thrown in anger and pain.

He sat at his desk, hands gripping at his gray hair and his eyes flowing with an endless amount of tears. He stopped being the strongest Marine and started being a man that lost a part of his world, a part of his reason for living.

For on that fateful day, Monkey D. Garp had lost one of his grandsons. He had never felt failure like he did that day. Ace was dead, Luffy was alone, and a promise was broken. He could never face his family again. He wanted to die, to just end it all, but then he thought of everyone else.

Luffy had just lost Ace, his most important person.

Even though Luffy didn't love him like Garp wanted him to, Garp was the only blood family he knows. He didn't need another loss. Dragon had his Revolutionary Army but if Garp didn't continue to 'accidently' burn some files that would prove disastrous to Dragon, who knows what would have happened.

Dawn Island, which includes Makino and Dadan, would no longer have the protection it currently has. Garp,' most pirates tended to stay away. Even if it only stopped some of the small-time pirates, it was better than nothing. Dawn Island wasn't equipped or trained to fight anyone. He was live, only because his name and body protected others. He was no longer living for himself. Monkey D. Garp was a shadow of himself and there was nothing anyone could do to change that.

The day Portgas D. Ace died was the day that Monkey D. Garp stopped wanting to live. Knowing what was about to happen, Ace moved his body to fulfil his duty as the older brother: protect Luffy from harm at all cost, even if his own body must become a human shield.

But instead of the expected pain, all he heard was a sound that reminded him of that time he had smashed his foot through a watermelon. Yet as far as Ace could tell, he was still alright. Seizing the chance, Ace quickly pulled Luffy away before they turned to behold the sight of Akainu, headless, slowly falling to his knees and then to the ground.

Above his corpse, fist still held straight out, was Monkey D. As if he had just patted the boys on the shoulder and waved them off as they went off to the grocery store, Garp turned to walk back towards the marines. As his conviction faltered and died, Garp's coat with the symbol of Justice proudly emblazoned upon it, slipped from his shoulders and wafted into the wind.

Eyes shadowed over his snarling teeth, Garp twisted his fist deeper against the Emperor's side. I'm here to help my grandsons! With that, Garp threw Whitebeard into the air too. Coincidently in the same direction that he had sent those idiot brats in.Story Author Community Forum.

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Undertale 9. Super Smash Brothers 8.Isshocommonly known by his alias Fujitorais a Marine admiral. Luffy and Trafalgar Law.

one piece fanfiction luffy blind

Fujitora is a blind man with only the whites of his eyes showing, though he usually keeps both eyes closed. He has an X-shaped scar centered on the left side of his forehead that stretches over both eyes, which was actually self-inflicted due to his decision to blind himself.

Like other admirals, Fujitora sports the standard marine coat with his personal clothes underneath, wearing the coat on his shoulders like a cape with his arms not in the sleeves. His sleeves cuffs are purple.

one piece fanfiction luffy blind

While previous admirals and other high-ranked marines wear the conventional suit and tie underneath their marine coats, Fujitora opts for a light-purple yukata held up with a dark purple belt, all underneath a purple cloak, matching the color in his alias. Fujitora wields a Shimizu a Japanese swordstick that doubles as a cane for his blindness and also wears geta sandals. He has white bandages wrapped around both of his forearms, with handguards on both hands.

Fujitora appears to be a reasonable man that is very trusting of people, even in situation where it seems obvious to outsiders that he's being swindled. He also takes responsibility for the collateral damage he inflicts, compensating whoever owns the property he happens to destroy with his abilities. He is rather modest, as he barely commented on the remarks Doflamingo and Law made on his formidable reputation and display of power.

During the first time he was seen in battle, Fujitora was shown to be willing to use excessive force, as he summoned down a meteor to attack both Law and Doflamingo.

one piece fanfiction luffy blind

Doflamingo even commented that he does not hold back. Fujitora is also an extremely compassionate man, gentle and soft-spoken towards his subordinates. Fujitora exhibits immense concern for innocent civilians, prioritizing their safety over his duty to arrest and punish criminals, unlike his superior Akainu and several other high-ranking marines, such as Vice-Admirals who are ruthless to the point of sacrificing their own subordinates for the sake of killing criminals.

He deeply recognizes the value of trust people place in him and his subordinates and considers it a duty to ensure that the Marines, and by extension the World Government, own up to their responsibilities. To the ire of Sakazuki, this includes having enough humility to admit failure.

Fujitora is deeply insulted by the idea of justice being considered fragile, and states that if justice is damaged by admitting fault, it is not a credible form of justice in the first place. He is fearless in defending his viewpoints, and is willing to put his position and reputation as Admiral on the line to do what he believes to be right.

Despite his responsible personality, he seems to enjoy gambling and is not entirely serious with his duties, as he was playing roulette even when he was supposed to be apprehending Luffy and Law. On top of this, he makes many very big gambles during combat, even sometimes gambling the safety of others. When he brought a meteor down on Green Bit, he was not completely sure that Trafalgar Law and Doflamingo were powerful enough to prevent the island from being obliterated. He launched both his battleship and a meteor at the Straw Hats, not accounting for Law and his abilities.

He brought down yet another meteor on Dressrosa itself while the Birdcage was active, not understanding that the cage would actually split the meteor into pieces, thus widening the impact of the blast and endangering more people. Another trait Fujitora displayed is his ability to remain calm.

Even when one of his own meteorites was sent flying back at his ship, he was calmly slurping a bowl of soba noodles acting as if nothing was happening while his whole crew was in a panic and even commenting on his choice of timing for a meal.

Though Fujitora is normally calm and serious, he has also displayed a sense of humor unlike most admirals and even exaggerated comedic expressions, contrary to the realistic expressions and designs the admirals share. When Luffy took him on in a one-on-one fight, Fujitora was amused by the fact that Luffy started calling out his own attacks in battle, not to patronize him because of his handicap, but because Luffy had taken a liking to Fujitora and wanted an earnestly fair fight with the admiral.

After realizing this, he cracked up and started laughing, which Luffy found annoying.These are recommendations made by Tropers for One Piece fanfics, all of which have been signed by people. After a few samples, you will be able to note the interests of the tropers recommending them, and judge whether you might be also interested in a certain 'fic. No-name recommendations will be zapped. Just copy'paste the source code and fill in the work specific fields.

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As a Charlotte Child by SiZodiac. Asteria Nightmare by Velkyn Karma. Back From The Dead, Red? Boy With A Scar by Syluk.

But Mom, I don't wanna be a Pirate by Andoriol. The Butcher Bird by RagnarokAscendant. Candy Boy by Hatheny Lurey Dralaw. Castle by mNakahara Cat's claw by incandescens. Changing the Future redone by The Patient One. Coffee Talk by Lonicera Japonica.

100% Blind ONE PIECE Review (Part 5): Jaya - Skypiea

Come Morning, Together Again by mapplepie.Summary: "Luffy Ever wondered what secrets the East Blue hides? This fanfic explores those dark secrets.

I don't own One Piece! Format: Hm. I'll it again None of the characters have anything to do with the secrets in the real manga! They're all just angsty, twisted plots from the dark realm that is my mind. Characters may be OOC, and this may contain spoilers. Rating: This fanfic is rated T because of language, explicit? If you know what I mean There are no lemons or yaoi or yuri!

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece! Oda Eiichiro Eiichiro Oda? Last note: Any ideas? PM or review. Any and all flames will be used to set your computer on fire, so there. I'll figure out a way to do that! She looked into the cabin where he slept. After checking under the bed and everywhere else she went to search the store under deck.

After several hours of searching there, Nami gave up and went to find Sanji in the hope that he could help. No food's been taken today, that means no Luffy.

Nami walked out of the cramped kitchen and bumped into Usopp, who was tinkering with something small and metal. Have you seen Luffy? Nami sighed and resumed her search. Luffy was breathing heavily, sweating profusely and bleeding from a gash on his arm. The large man stared at him - Captain Dosa Cerebrind. I ate the special fruit. The Sword Sword devil fruit that allows my hands to be swords! Today you will die! The sword hands smashed down again, crushing Luffy's left arm. You bastard!

Gum gum Cerebrind laughed mirthlessly. His hands crashed down, destroying everything. Luffy smiled. Cerebrind roared in anger and pulled out a large gun.I have always loved the good ol' stranded and survival stories. So, I decided I should try one with One Piece! I hope I don't end up screwing this up because I'm actually feeling rather good about this story.

I've been going over plot and charector develpoment and all of that jazz for a few days now and ended up writing this whole ting at midnight.

The storm raged on around the Strawhat crew. They had been caught up in what seemed like the upteenth billionth storm since they first embarked on the feared Grand Line. It seemed to them that it was beginning to implant itself in their normal routine.

This time, however, was a completely different circumstance. The storm was the normality of the situation, but the fact that a marine ship had decided to pursue them even while the storm was going on made it that way. The marine vessel had spotted them a little after they had left a small pit-stop island. Once they had seen them it was as though they had promised themselves that they would not let the notorious Strawhat pirates to escape from their grasps.

Nami was blowing through map after map trying to find an island that they could head towards for refuge. Unfortunately for her and everyone else on the Going Merry she was having no such luck in finding any such place.

The rain that was soaking her and her maps weren't very helpful either. Luffy was hanging on the mast for dear life as wave after wave slammed into the ship, and Chopper was right by his side screaming his head off as he spotted every said wave coming toward them. Even though Luffy was occupied with holding on he still made himself useful by beating down any marine that dared come within a few feet from him and his doctor. Zoro was by the galley slicing through each and every marine that deemed themselves worthy of trying to take down Pirate Hunter Zoro.

Matters that could enevitable save lives if they could hurry. Robin was in the barracks trying her best to get rid off the leaking water. It was quite difficult for her since she was a Devil Fruit user, but since she was the only one available to do the job she didn't really have a choice.