Charge once, use twice. IQOS is a new alternative to smoking that heats tobacco rather than burning it. Find out more about IQOS.

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We are here for you, right from day one. Our most technologically advance device to date, offering two consecutive uses without having to wait. Our all-in-one pocket size solution, giving you 10 uninterrupted tobacco sessions on one charge.

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heets bulgaria price

Delivery time. Same day delivery for orders placed before 6pm. Next day delivery for all orders after 6pm. Free delivery. No difference.Heat, not burn IQOS device has been used worldwide for a while now.

IQOS was first released on the Japan market, so there happen to be many flavors, and just like with Switzerland, it's also due to not being under the legislation of the EU which forbids tobacco to be flavored. The European union's legislation forbids the manufacturer to make flavored tobacco. The only exception is the menthol flavor, thus the offer varies only by its intensity. According to Philip Morris, every country prefers different tastes. Therefore, in Germany, you can find the bronze label to be most intensive, while Poland prefers menthol flavors.

You can buy all of these easily on the internet. All of the news from Japan.

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Gallery Show gallery. Related posts 0. Made by IQOSmag.All details about delivery and service during quarantine. There's no shortage of reasons to love your IQOS. IQOS has real tobacco, free from fire, ash and smoke and delivers cigarette like satisfaction without the cigarette like smell. IQOS is the better alternative to smoking cigarettes.

heets bulgaria price

A change in perspective is all it takes. Welcome to the world of IQOS. Where things are simply amazing. The elegant and compact style of IQOS now provides two consecutive uses without any holder recharge.

Tougher, faster, better. Contemporary design, improved functionality, wide range of customization options. Classic, intuitive and user- friendly, this device is perfect for all your tobacco moments. Behind each IQOS device are years of scientific research and technological expertise. Your IQOS is as much a reflection of your personality as you want it to be, so have some fun with it.

heets bulgaria price

Customize it to match your style or make a bold statement, dress it up in a variety of design combos — whatever you choose, bring your true colors to your IQOS experience.

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Make it yours Your IQOS is as much a reflection of your personality as you want it to be, so have some fun with it. Heets Lets find your perfect flavour. Are you over 18 years of age and are you a smoker or user of other nicotine products? Month Year Confirm. We care. This website has information about smoke-free products, which are for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products in Ukraine.

For more information about Philip Morris International or its products, visit pmi. You must be 18 or over to access materials on this site.In the entire world, the so-called tobacco heat sticks have an extremely significant value. If you do not have any idea about them, you probably may have noticed that these are short cigarettes that can be smoked when inserted into a special device. Heets, also branded as HeatSticks in some areas, are specially designed tobacco items that contain tobacco and several filter sections.

These heated tobacco units are intended exclusively for use with a precisely controlled heating device that PMI commercializes under the IQOS brand name. Heets are composed of elements that include a tobacco plug, hollow acetate tube, polymer-film filter, cellulose-acetate mouthpiece filter, and outer and mouth-end papers.

The heated tobacco products are produced by mixing high-quality tobacco sorts of certain types and origins. These tobaccos are then ground to provide the perfect mixture and reconstituted back into a tobacco sheet to manufacture Heets. If IQOS Heets work as designed they should cut some of the harm based on the fact that you are not burning the tobacco.

However, the overall harm reduction is yet to be determined in terms of additives in cigarettes and how they react when vaporized. The taste of these sticks is mild, at the beginning of smoking a specific taste is felt, very similar to the Heets Yellow label, but a clear menthol taste is added very quickly.

In general, these sticks for fans of menthol cigarettes will enjoy success with them. Manufacturers explain that when tobacco is heated, less harmful substances are released than during combustion. They say that such systems will help people to quit smoking more harmful regular cigarettes, and then quit smoking for good.

And if a person is not able to completely quit smoking, then at least he will put his health at a lower risk. Your Cart. Payment by:.Nowadays many people go on trip to Bulgaria because of cheap prices.

heets bulgaria price

That is why the amount of tourists coming to Bulgaria is going up. Bulgaria can become more popular than other resort countries in some time because the rest there is cheap and fine enough.

As many tourists come to this country, the number of smoking people on the streets is rising. The country itself takes a leading position among European countries in the amount of smoked cigarettes. More than a half of men smoke in this country. Almost the same amount of women smokes. Every third teenager from 10 to 18 also smokes. It is prohibitted to smoke in public places, educational and medicine centres, public transport like in other countries. But it is not really punished.

If a person smokes near a hospital, he will not be fined. Soon the government is going to introduce a big fine for smoking in a wrong place.

Cigarettes cost from 1,5 to 4 dollars like in other European countries. Local cigarettes cost less. It refers to people over Aram 0 Hello do u saling fags in UK I need alot. Also looking: content cigarettes bulgaria price bulgarian cigarettes prices cigarette prices bulgaria tobacco prices in bulgaria citqrette prices in Bulgaria cigarettes prices bulgaria price of cigarettes bulgaria bulgaria cigarette prices mm brand cigarette bulgaria.

Support us link in social networks! Related Posts Price for cigarettes in China. Price for cigarettes in Cuba. Price for cigarettes in Cyprus. Price for cigarettes in Egypt.

Price for cigarettes in Estonia. Price for cigarettes in Finland. Price for cigarettes in France. Price for cigarettes in German. Price for cigarettes in Greece. Your comments are welcome! Aram 0. Confirm that your comment is not spam!November 22, I was surprised of the extent that HnB is popular in Bulgaria. We were able to find HnB everywhere in Bulgaria and you see alot of people using it!

It seems, from our perspective, that vaping and HnB can live in harmony without cancelling each other out. HnB in Bulgaria is pretty cheap so that may be a big draw for some users. HEETS tend to be sold in packs and average around Both of them were busy. It makes IQOS store spaces familiar no matter where you are in the world.

There are no representatives standing by the door checking IDs and no one asked us for one. The kiosk is even more visible as it is set in the middle of the mall walkway. The kiosk is manned by an IQOS representative who can help you with product selection, or offer support, however we still recommend going to the actual store location for technical difficulties, as the stores contain technical repair centres complete with tools. Much like Japan, which we looked at in the second part of our Heat-Not-Burn Across the Globe seriestobacco usage is very much ingrained in Bulgarian culture.

We think that one of the main reasons why Heat-Not-Burn is so successful in Bulgaria is because tobacco is largely unregulated by the Bulgarian government. Georgewho you see on the Heat YouTube channel, has lived and traveled in Hungary, also located in Eastern Europe, for many years.

He has noticed some big differences between the tobacco industries of Hungary and Bulgaria, namely that in Hungary the government regulates and oversees the distribution of tobacco products. Whereas in Bulgaria HEETS, as well as other HnB products, can be purchased in mall kiosks, grocery stores, convenience stores, official brand stores, etc. One of the only places you cannot buy HnB products is in pharmacies. Once again much like in Japan, this allows easy access to HnB products.

Having them available in everyday places, makes them everyday items. Advertising HnB in Bulgaria is also quite a bit easier than in some countries as there are few regulations. Ads are seen everywhere. After traveling, I truely believe that this has an effect on the number of users, as ads provide valuable information to ad viewers.

We were, of course, very happy to see that HnB is so prominent in Bulgaria, but, once again like Japan, it seems to only be big tobacco brands that are available. We have not seen a single device from smaller manufacturers since coming here. Not even Ploom S or Lil, despite the fact that they are big tobacco products. We are hoping that in the future more people are introduced to alternative devices, because there are some really great ones out there in the world.

Nevertheless, Bulgaria offers a ray of hope for the HnB industry as it expands globally. Places like Canada, which have relatively low smoking rates may not provide the fertile ground necessary for HnB to succeed, but countries like Bulgaria where the smoking rater is higher may be the perfect place to expand to.

Пушачи захвърлят IQOS! Новите бездимни цигари далеч не са безвредни

In such countries there are many people who could benefit from harm reduction devices and if these devices become something younger generations are introduced to it could end up having a positive impact by reducing the number of tobacco related diseases and deaths worldwide.

We are excited to keep watching the Bulgarian market. Your email address will not be published. Just choose what you want from the options below, click submit, and be recommended devices that match your needs:.