In September ofBob Perkins and Jerry Heasley put together what is considered by most to be the best Boss engine-detailing guide that has ever been done. That guide has been used by a lot of Mustang restorers over the years to detail a Boss engine, except for one thing—that original article was printed in black and white.

Mustang Keeping It Cool!

Going back with the help of Jerry and Bob we were able to find some of those original color photos, but more importantly provide an updated detailing guide that shows some additional items and features to look for when putting one of these engines together. After years of inspecting original unrestored cars, a lot more information has been uncovered that we will share here. The engine shown here is a Boss with differences noted for a Boss This is the original story in the September issue of Mustang Monthly, back when we had more black and white pages than color.

The Boss alternator is rated at 55 amps, as indicated by the red dye on the top of the housing. The dye was actually applied to the housing before the engineering numbers were stamped on D0ZFA so you will not see the numbers with paint in them.

The alternator spacer is normally a gold-anodized aluminum piece. The pulley and fan are a zinc dichromate finish. The and Boss engines both use the same Ford cast iron exhaust manifolds.

When installed there is no exhaust manifold gasket used. On original manifolds you may see some blue overspray from when the engine was painted. The original assembly line intake manifolds are aluminum with some slight blue overspray on the front and backside from when the engine was painted.

Date codes when present are on the front next to the engineering number.

diagram based boss 302 engine diagram completed

This continued to be used into early production, after which the engineering number was added on the decal. The fan spacer is identified by the length 2. The spacer is different and marked with C8ZE-D on the nose and an effective length of 2.

The correct finish is a natural aluminum. All Boss s had the chrome valve covers installed that are stamped with Power by Ford.

Hardcore Boss 302 Restoration Tech!

Some early Boss s also had chrome valve covers installed, which are slightly different. The two versions are shown here with the version shown on the left. All other Boss s received the finned aluminum valve covers which were also the only replacements ever sold by Ford.

Shown here are the unique bolts used on the aluminum valve covers. The original is on the left side in both pictures, compared to a reproduction on the right. Note on the original, the unique manufacturers stamp on the head of the bolt and the small cut mark on the side and the markings on the lock washer.

There are two areas on the engine that will give date codes and casting information. The first is the casting number, which is on the bottom of the engine on the passenger side next to where the starter mounts. Next to the casting number you will always find the casting date. In addition, on many engines on the front side you can still see stamped an assembly date as shown here, or next to the distributor area.

This is the date the engine was assembled, which always is after the casting date. In this engine here, we have a casting date of September 15, and then an assembly date of October 13, After that, both the and the Boss motors used the same cooling fan marked with a C8SE-B until about December of The date code is a month and year format as shown here stamped on each fan blade.

Example here is H69, August Our Ford small block engine is the ultimate street-friendly performance engine that is reliable, user friendly, with lots of power! Below is the dyno chart and engine highlights…. The Ford engine is the most iconic engine ever built by Ford and we took it to the next level. Every Ford engine that leaves our facility is dyno tested for 1 hour and broken-in for you.

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They were extremely helpful and the engine builder was so knowledgable. Was a great experience and I would do it x over! I was referred to West Coast Engines by a mechanic buddy of mine that has been in car racing for 30 years.

It is the perfect setup for my 56 Chevy truck. After weeks of research and several conversations with Brady, I determined that he was the most informed and knowledgeable person that I spoke to in my search for the right powertrain for my truck.The engine was introduced in That year a high performance was not offered in the production cars.

Ford was looking for a higher output small block though. The first attempt with the was the "tunnel port". Copied from the NASCAR heads, the intake push rods ran through a small tube in the head, surrounded by huge intake ports and valves. The gains just weren't there from those exotic heads. The next year,Ford came back with a better designed head. This head design had canted-valves, placed at an angle, allowing for larger intake and exhaust valves.

It also created a semi-hemispherical combustion chamber.

diagram based boss 302 engine diagram completed

A special block was used with the heads. Ford called it the Boss In addition to the heads the Boss had:. And Boss it was. The Boss was a close as you could come to buying a racing engine in a street car. Classic Cars Vintage - Shelby Mustangs. In addition to the heads the Boss had: Four bolt mains Forged rods Chevrolet was about to get involved in a very big way. Vince Piggins at Chevrolet saw the great potential for sales of Camaros by racing in the Trans Am series.

The Camaros had a clear horse power advantage over the Mustangs. The ports and valves in the heads were too small to produce the horsepower needed. The best head available was the high performance heads with small valves and ports. The new Ford would be ideal for Trans-Am racing since it was under the cid limit of class limit, but the hi-po heads would be too restrictive on the longer stroke of the block.

Ford started a crash development program to fix the problem at Ford Engine and Development during This effort would lead to development of the Boss in It was also during this development time that the famous Ford "tunnel port head" came about.

diagram based boss 302 engine diagram completed

There was a "pull out the stops" effort to maximize the flow of the heads. The Ford engineers developed a brand new head with straight intake ports and the pushrod tubes running through the port. In the past the ports would twist around the pushrods. The intake valves were a huge 2. The exhaust valves were 1. Each port feed an individual cylinder. These heads became known as "tunnel ports.We have learned a lot more since this page was created.

Some of this goes back to before the year and may not be accurate. The information is arranged in alphabetical order by subject. For example, if you are looking for information on paint, click on the P. Or, you can scroll down the entire page. The subject of the item is in bold print. Some questions have more than one answer which will be noted A1A2A3etc. What was the original Ford part and diameter and height?

Described as Q: Were the deleted rear air scoops on a '69 BOSS filled in or was it a full rear sheet metal stamped pressing? A: A full rear sheet metal stamped pressing. A2: Try to learn as much history on the car as you can. Contact past owners and know locations where the car has been.

Look for advertisements of engines for sale. Call the person and ask if the block has a VIN stamped in it. Go to swap meets looking for blocks and engines. Q: I have a'70 BOSS that is missing the original buck tag and would like to see if there is any way to reproduce it. The car is really nice and very original, so I would like to get a buck tag for it.

Does anyone know if these are available? Any help would be appreciated. The correct phone number is: ; fax: Q: My '70 BOSS has the words " BOSS " hand written in script with factory seam sealer on the inside of the right quarter panel, in front of the inner wheel housing. Is this a documented " BOSS thing" or did some assembly line worker just get happy with the applicator gun. My BOSS is a low option car so it would be fun to know that it has at least one unique original feature.

Has anyone seen this before? Either " BOSS " or just "" written in either grease pencil, undercoating or "smutz. Years ago I had cause to remove the rear inner panels and on the inside of the rear quarter panels "Boss " was written in yellow grease pencil.

My car is a Metuchen car built in late A: No. No, it does not have too much lift. No, it is not the best cam for the BOSS A: Marti Autoworks is a licensed reproducer of the door labels and tags. Kevin Marti Autoworks or W. Peoria, El Marize, AZ. Send copy of your invoice. I am trying to find a correct intake manifold for this car.

The build date on the car is May 5, What would be an acceptable casting date on the manifold to keep my car valid?The original version of this engine was used in the and Boss Mustangs and Cougar Eliminators and was constructed by attaching heads designed for the planned Cleveland which debuted the following year to a Ford small block.

An entirely new Boss engine was introduced for the Ford Mustang using a variant of the Ford Modular engine. The H. Fitted to the factory-made Boss Mustangs ofit is a unique Ford small-block featuring a thin-wall high nickel content casting. It differed substantially from regular s, featuring 4-bolt mains, screw-in freeze plugs, higher nickel content, and cylinder heads using a canted valve design developed for the C, which made its debut in late Mustangs.

The high nickel content block had a thicker deck, and a taller intake manifold due to the heads. It also had a distinct harmonic balancer, crankcase windage tray, bigger diameter alternator pulley from the HIPOand bigger diameter power steering pulley all to accommodate the higher RPM capabilities of the engine vs a standard The Boss has eight valve cover bolts; in they were chrome and in they were cast aluminum, while the standard has six valve cover bolts. The crankshaft is cross drilled with hollow crankshaft throws this was changed in for better reliability high strength steel forging.

The cam and lifters are high lift, solid mechanical units. The cam featured degrees duration and. The wide and large port heads with staggered valve placement give the H.

Because of the pent-roof design of the heads, the Boss also had forged pop-up pistons to achieve the desired Early units were typically characterized by very large intake 2. Exhaust valves were sodium-filled to aid cooling. Valve springs were dual units with an inner and outer spring to minimize harmonic resonance at high RPM. The heads feature steel spring seats, screw-in rocker studs, pushrod guide plates to aid in pushrod stability at high RPMs, and adjustable rocker arms.

The taller intake required a thinner spacer. Ford used a phenolic spacer that incorporated an aluminum tube for the PCV hose, and also helped isolate the carburetor from the heat of the intake. The motor produces a unique sound as a result of its solid lifter configuration.

At idle, properly tuned, the engine has a great deal of 'chatter. It had a 6, RPM limit. The Boss engine competes well with other high performance 'small blocks', such as the Chevythe Chryslerand AMC The "Boss" in the Boss 's name came from original designer Larry Shinoda 's reference to Bunkie Knudsenthe CEO at Ford and an outspoken proponent of the car's development, who told his designers, "I want to design a car that's the coolest Mustang out there.

I don't want somebody else's name on it, like a Shelby. This engine was also optional in the Mercury Cougar Eliminatorwith produced in and produced in InFord Racing began marketing new crate engines using the "Boss " moniker with displacements between From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.We also love to blog everything football and stay updated with the recent happenings in the world of soccer.

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Ford Boss 302 engine

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ATK HP99F Ford 302 Drop In Engine 68-74 250HP

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