The Daystate LC Air Compressor is powered directly from a Volt electricity supply, making it suitable for domestic use. Having a convenient method of generating your own supply of High Pressure Air is a liberating experience for any PCP owner. Just hook up your tank to the compressor and fill it up immediately. Coltri and Daystate have partnered to produce a number of HPA compressors. This is the latest result from that relationship. Obviously the different input voltage is a big attraction to most users who want an HPA compressor for home use.

Most of us are unlikely to find this an issue…. The compressor is filled with a small part of the oil provided with the unit — as per instructions. As this review unit was an early production model, it did not have printed instructions. We used it in conjunction with a Diablo Dry Air System. Combined together, the system ran well and provided plenty of dry air as rapidly as we needed. This is because the output pressure is fixed at 4, Of course, portability issues mean that you will certainly want to fill a tank and then take it with you to the range, or in the field.

So the fixed output pressure is unlikely to be an issue for most owners. If it is, an adapter is available from AoA for safe lower pressure fills. The Daystate LC uses a three-stage compressor. It provides 1.

Doug tested the speed and found that it topped-up his big — 88 Cubic Feet size — tank from 2, PSI to 4, PSI in 30 minutes with two water vapor bleed offs. His small — The one downside is that I wish it came with an hour meter.

Noise level when running was pleasantly low. Doug measured the sound level and found that it registered 76 dB with his sound pressure meter placed a couple of feet away. However, this died away after a couple of tanks had been filled. The answer is that it depends what you want.I am thinking of buying a small high-pressure compressor, but with so many options nowadays I'm not sure what to get. Pros and cons would be very helpful.

I've had a Freedom 8 for the last three years and have had no problem with it. I have over hours on it and have only rebuilt it three times, rebuild takes about thirty minutes if you do both upper and lower cylinders. Pretty much comes down to your budget. If you are shooting a lot or have friends then you should invest more. Time is a factor? Again spend more. I personally didn't want to be dealing with water cooling and I wanted a reasonable fill time.

Problem with all of this stuff is there is no way to make a side to side comparison. Had I been able to perhaps I would have spent more perhaps less.

airgun compressor review

Like what cherokee said, "best" is totally dependent on your needs and usage. I wanted the survey to highlight these details and NOT to pick a "winner". About midway through doing the survey I decided to get a shoebox too. I don't shoot that much and am more of a "slow and steady wins the race" kind of guy! Like what Cherokee said, "best" is totally dependent on your needs and usage. Buy once, cry once, but be happy at the end. It seems like the next questions you have to ask yourself are 1 how much air do you go through now and how much will that change during the expected life-expectancy of the compressor and 2 how much of a hurry are you in when you need to top off your tank s?

For me I was getting my tank topped off once every two months or so. I don't shoot as much as I would like, and I don't see that changing for the next few years. I also didn't see the need for "quick" fills being a big issue.

airgun compressor review

There's never a single answer to this type question that fits everyone. Bauer is great with wide usage and a long reliability history, but is probably overkill for an air gun situation. Bauer certainly would have excellent resale across both airgun and dive communities as well but budget is usually a major factor for most people.

I bought a Tuxing that worked well for nearly a year dead now then a Yong Heng as backup and it is still in use. But I do plan to buy a dive quality compressor in the future, probably something like the Coltri and probably from Nuvair directly but maybe a Daystate version from an air gun vendor. Research and then research some more and make your own decision.

But, which is the BEST?I am not running an historical report today because we have two guest blogs this week. This is a guest blog from a reader who goes by the name Motorman. Now, over to you, Motorman. Making or buying a spring compressor is the first and unavoidable step. Some were pretty crude and, frankly, looked dangerous! Some were better, but I just never found one that I liked well enough to put the money and effort into building it.

Then I started looking for complete spring compressors already made up. A little more expensive, but expedient. Again, some were well thought out, but others seemed less, umm, impressive. Some were just flat out expensive.

Using The Benjamin Traveler Compressor – Part 2

My research at least helped me to figure out what was important — first, it needed to be as safe as possible. Next, the easier it is to use, the better the result, and likely, the safer it would be. Since I would be working on both pistols and rifles, I wanted something that had a pretty broad range of adjustability…short to long guns, some with a pretty extreme range of preload.

I also wanted a compressor that would stand by itself and not have to be secured in a vice, clamped to a bench or something. It needed to sit by itself on a table or desk. And, it needed to be both affordable and available from stock. I once had a boss that told me I could have it cheap, I could have it good, or I could have it fast, but I only got to pick two of the three.

Well, I wanted all three here! About a year ago I was looking thru the online air gun ads, and there on the American Airguns websitesite was a spring compressor that seemed to fulfill all these requirements. I took the leap and ordered the hickory one.

These are the parts of my new spring compressor. The craftsmanship was excellent! All wood surfaces are smooth, corners are radiused and everything is given a nice polyurethane finish. The aluminum rails for the barrel clamp and compression block T-bolts are beautifully flush-inletted into the wood.

The holes for the stop pin are nicely chamfered. The hardware seems heavy duty throughout…in fact, the compression block screw rides on an industrial bearing block!

The rubber bridge can be screwed up or down into the base, while the strap has several notches to accommodate different spring tube diameters. Reinforcing the impression of being a heavy-duty tool is its weight!

Mine weighs 21 lbs.! I wanted something stable and this is it! The adjustability is also a plus. I first removed the wooden stock from the spring tube. Mounting the gun in the spring compressor was pretty easy.I bought a Yong Heng compressor from China!! After much research and careful consideration, I decided to purchase the Yong Heng Compressor. I contacted the owners of the compant and they gaurenteed that any and all parts are in stock and if I EVER needed assistance, parts, maintenance help I would get full support!

The compressor has several videos on youtube with all very positive reviews by happy cusomers! I am so exited! I will keep everyody posted as I experience this thing Good or bad! Is that the one I saw on YouTube where you had to keep a chilled 5 gallon bucket of water with 2 hoses running into it from the compressor? I have only used it 4 times so far. Please keep us posted on how well it works.

I tried to fill my cricket. All it does is beep when I turn it on! This is a volt model. I did have it hooked to an extention cord, but idk if that made any difference. I did put in the right kind of oil. I did hook up the cooling system properly. I did contact the company we will see what they are able to tell me. Man I wish I would have bought locally!! I should also mention, i hooked it up to my.

The great news is, I took the compressor to my local Electric repair shop today, and lo and behold a cheap 5 dollar contactor swich had gotten hot and had malfunctioned, 45 bucks later, with labor I had the compressor home and working overtime!! I am impressed!! Really Impressed!

I hooked up a 60 minute scba tank to it about 35 minutes ago and it just now crossed psi so I would guess it will take about 1.

Yong Heng Air Pump Compressor 110V review 4500psi for PCP airguns

It took me 24 hours for a 45 minute tank with my shoebox!! I will keep everyone posted on maintenace and break-downs but right now I am very happy!! By The way the company from china has been really helpful in trying to locate the problem and troublshooting our way to a solution!!Today we bring you the final part of our exclusive coverage of the Benjamin Traveler Compressor.

This portable HPA compressor is the first of a new breed of filling solutions to be offered by a major industry player. At a weight of just 15 Lbs 6 Oz for the Benjamin Traveler Compressor and hose, this is a truly portable device. The transformer and cable weighs 2 Lb 14 Oz, as a separate item. Below, the Traveler is also supplied with a fill probe for use with the Benjamin Airbow.

In the previous part of this reviewI tried out the Benjamin Traveler Compressor using a minivan to provide the power. If the battery voltage is less than This is good advice and I endorse it. There are two issues with this, and you only mentioned one.

But if that voltage in allowed to drop below All modern vehicles have battery monitoring systems. However, here are the results I found…. Note that I used the pressures listed are those read from the gauges on the guns and the Benjamin Traveler Compressor.

Yes, I know that the tiny gauges on guns can sometimes be inaccurate, but this will be the basis for a top-up decision in the field. At first, I was surprised to see the hose assembly vibrating when the unit was running. But that soon became a non-issue. Like all compressors and pumps, the Benjamin Traveler Compressor generates heat in use. You will find that the hose assembly also becomes quite hot where it connects to the box.

This display is in degrees Centigrade. The Crosman manual confirms that the unit has a temperature protection cutout and that this will function at 80 degrees Centigrade to protect the Traveler.

I found the PSI ratings on the gauge almost impossible to read. They are at the extreme outside of the gauge. So I did a quick conversion and set the output pressure shutoff using the bar scale.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email?

Read times. I would think that having an extra pre-charged cyl when I'm out hunting would be the best way to go.

I do plan on going with the big bore rifles someday. Potter County, Pennsylvania. I'm kinda in the same predicament myself, the place where I got my tanks filled very cheaply I might add is going to be closed in the winter now and I've been hand pumping since.

It's not bad with my Prod at all but my bigger tanked rifles take a long time to fill, especially a cc that holds bar. I did manage to get an SPA M16 close to where I want it to be but I'll definitely be taking it apart again mainly just to tweek the regulator in it a little, they're very sensitive to adjustment in this gun.

Luckily my air guy is back from Florida, I did talk to him on the phone right after he left Florida pulling a packed trailer and he said give him a ring about the middle of next week. Another big reason I want a decent compressor is the tanks expire in December and they price they're getting for used SCBA tanks has really gone up.

I think about the only option I would go for right now would be the Yong Heng, people are really having good luck with them.

airgun compressor review

I'm probably going to wait till towards the end of the year to see what else might be out there. Kalamazoo Mi. Quote from: watersteps on April 08,AM. NW suburbs of Chicago. If you haven't marked your turf yet GTA member mapplease do. No registration, just enter zip code and board name.

Air Venturi Nomad II Compressor Review By Doug Wall

If you are really planning on getting into big bores, then you will end up using lots of air. Lots of it. For that I would want a higher capacity, more robust pump than the latest round of offerings including my Shoebox, which I am thrilled with. Just something to consider. Of course if you are not sure that interest in this hobby will hold pause for laughteryou could always buy one of the lower capacity units and then move up to a bigger unit later. I have the Carette with all the extras including the Alpha filter.

Unfortunately that the least you need to spend for a well made compressor. I hear mixed reviews on the Air Venturi and the Omega but you need the Alpha filter or equivalent not the tampex filter with whatever you get. Their guarantees are useless as the sellers disappear ever 6 months and reopen under another name.

Hatsan Lightning Compressor – Final Review F

If your interested on the Carette look for old reviews on this site from Guykuo he broke down and fully vetted this compressor. Asking which compressor should I buy in today's market is like asking which car or truck should I buy?

airgun compressor review

Would be hard to answer that without knowing your budget and intended uses. Don't be afraid of the Yong Hengs, just do some reading, you will see the people who got the actual yong heng have been pleased, legitimate sellers have been quick to respond and offer refunds or solutions if there was an issue.

They are extremely easy to work on and there's plenty of information here on repairs and where to find parts.This is a very nice, compact HPA compressor. That makes it a very versatile tool. Unlike the original Nomad, the VAC to 12VDC power supply is built into the case, so there no other adapters that you need to carry around.

The Nomad II compressor package comes with a moisture filter attached to the fill hose, AC power cord, DC power cord with battery clips, extra filters, o-rings, a small bottle for silicone oil, and a few other things. It also comes with a very nice padded cordura carrying case. They really do mean this as a compressor that you can take with you!

Just as the manufacturer says! Overall, the package seems to be very well thought out. But there are two things that caused me some head-scratching. They both happen to be located on the underside of the unit…. The Nomad II does come with small extenders for the feet, but even with those, I need to have the compressor on the edge of a bench to operate the drain.

That being said, the moisture bleed seems to work pretty well. This moisture bleed is attached to a pretty good sized coalescing filter. The Nomad II compressor is air cooled. It has two sets of fans. One is in the AC to 12v DC power supply. This one comes on when the compressor gets plugged in. The second fans cool the compressor itself. It starts when the compressor gets turned on. One concern when using any kind of home compressor or hand pump, is moisture getting into guns or tanksand the resulting corrosion.

There has been no sign of any color change — and thus indication of moisture — during the course of my testing so far. Now plug in the Nomad II compressor the power supply fan will start and set your desired shut off pressure. Close the vent valve, turn on the power reset switch.

The compressor cooling fan will now start.

“Spring Doc” Spring Compressor Review

Turn on the start switch and the compressor will start. When the desired pressure is reached, the compressor will shut off. Release the air pressure release valve on the side of the unit, and disconnect the hose. The top panel contains a load meter. This indicates how much load is on the motor.

It will shut the compressor down if it exceeds The manual says to lubricate the compressor if the load gets to